Advertising opportunities on the Windermere Way.

This website, is first and foremost a guide for anyone wishing to walk the Windermere Way. It is a site that describes the route and has other useful information and is also where our exclusive guide can be purchased. I have worked on the site SEO over the years. The site has strong backlinks and it generally ranks high on Google, appearing usually on page one for relevant searches. This process is ongoing and the site is updated regularly. We also maintain a Facebook page to generate further traffic.

The site attracts a growing number of visitors, with the March to October 2012 period seeing over 2,000 unique visitors each month. These are people who are actively seeking activities and accommodation in the South Lakeland area.

Whilst not wishing to dilute the overall intent of the site we have always carried a small amount of advertising. Some of this is through Adwords some of it directly booked with us. We only carry a small amount of relevant advertising and this is bookable on an annual basis.

Advertising positions

You can choose to advertise on our information page or in the sidebar of the main pages. Listings adverts are plain text with a link back to your site. The description should appear similar to existing listings on the page and any copy that is too overtly advertising we will preface with the word *Advert*.

Adverts on the main pages should be 'display' style and you need to supply either a GIF or JPEG file plus link text OR supply code that will link back to copy that resides on your own server. This is useful if you want to update the advert with special offers or seasonal messages. We also recommend that you set up a unique landing page on your website in order to monitor referral traffic from Windermere Way.

We reserve the right to refuse any client/advertiser/copy that we deem unsuitable for the site.

Display Advertising

Currently we offer three basic sizes but if you have something prepared that doesn't quite fit we can be flexible on the height. The width however must not exceed 160 pixels or we will need to scale the image.

advert_160px advert_160px advert_160px


All rates are for twelve months bookings.

160 px x 160 px £15

160 px x 320 px £25

160 px x 480 px £35

How to book

In the first instance, just drop us an email, with